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Square Deal: 50 Artists for a Fair Vote

This June 4 marked the first time in seven years that ’57 Biscayne didn’t hold our annual 100 under $100 show. However, we do have something special planned for September 3, which will be another opportunity to collect affordable art AND support voting rights in swing states across the US this fall.

The Movement Voter Project (MVP) raises funds nationwide to support the best and most promising grassroots organizations in key swing states, with a focus on youth and communities of color. MVP vets and supports hundreds of incredible groups that fight voter suppression, get out the vote, swing elections, win on issues, and organize in their communities.

We are holding our own fundraiser for MVP this September, with sneak previews opening online in August. Fifty artists have created a delightful 8″ x 8″ square of gorgeosity, just for this show, which we will hang as a live exhibit and post to an online gallery. If you are one of the first 50 people to donate at least $100 to MVP through a secure dedicated link, you get to choose a piece of art for your collection. The whole event will happen on the interwebs, with a live event pending Safe Start Washington restrictions.

The fun part: you pick the art you like, and you won’t know who the artist is until you claim it. Here is a partial list of the artists, to whet your appetite:

Barbara Robertson
Chris Crites
Erin Shigaki
Esther Ervin
Jed Dunkerly
Juan Alonso Rodriguez
Kelly Lyles
Molly Magai
Pat DeCaro
Jane Richlovsky
Rickie Wolfe
Romson Bustillo
Marita Dingus
Michelle Kumata
Kamla Kakaria
Krisna Schumann
Chris Rollins
Clare Johnson
Dara Solliday
Donna Graham
Elijah Pasco
Eric Eschenbach
Grego Ratchko
Keven Furiya
LinLin Mao
Lindsay Peyton
Liz Ewings
Magda Baker
Richard Graham
Savina Mason
Sue Springer
Thomas Schwoerer
Jody Joldersma
Shaun Doll
Ray Monde
Matthew Potter
Jeff Scott
George Abeyta

Stay tuned for more details and sneak peeks! If you aren’t already on our mailing list, scroll to the bottom of the sidebar to sign up and get first dibs.

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