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Space for rent: Updates

There are currently one and one half studios for rent at ’57 Biscayne.

First, the half. 212 is 405 square feet, and an artist who works in water-based media is looking to share it with another like-minded and low-toxicity person. The share for rent is approximately 200 square feet for $355 (total rent is $710). The space has a big window facing the hall and high ceilings. A drop ceiling was removed in 2011, so there’s exposed ducting and a sort of industrial vibe. It is awaiting minor restoration (e.g., floor paint) and some lighting upgrades; it will be available November 1.  Contact Clare if you are interested. (clare_e_johnson@yahoo.com)

And the one: The big, beautiful 312 is for rent in its entirety. It is 735 square feet and rents for $1600/month. The studio has decent heat/AC. If you wanted to install ventilation, the infrastructure is there. There is 220v power. Other possible upgrades could be negotiated for the right long-term tenant. It would make a great shared maker space, photo studio, print shop, or gallery (it’s on the third floor, but the building is open to the public during the day).

Contact Jane, the proprietrix, and we’ll talk!

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